The HUB Gym exist to gather people together in
a community where they experience a culture
of love and acceptance.

The Hub is anything but cookie cutter. We're a unique gym, and know you're unique, too.
At The Hub, we don't care if you haven't set foot in a gym,or you workout every day, you're welcome here.


I can not thank The Hub Gym enough for the life you have given to me. You inspired me and I do not think I would have been as successful without you. I officially weigh 166 which is half of who I was when we first met. I have lost a total of 165lbs. I wanted to share my photos of before and after with you. Here you go.
— Krystal Shook
So glad to have a great place to get my mind right and lift heavy things
— Terry Putman
127 lbs gone forever and counting with lots of added lean muscle! Only 16 lbs from my dream weight that I thought was never possible, and not stopping and never ever looking back! So blessed for the people that God has placed in my life through this journey and can’t wait to use my story to continue to help others! If I can do it than anyone can! And I do need to add that if it was not for Luke Owens and the HUB gym taking my Mom and I in like family and walking this journey with us then I honestly don’t think I would have ever been as successful as I have or stuck with it! So so grateful for you Luke and your staff!
— Tina Wilson
I am absolutely in LOVE with this gym!!!! The equipment is great, the staff is helpful and friendly, the group fitness classes are a blast, and you can’t beat the hours ;) I honestly can’t say enough good things about the Hub!
— Jennifay Richardson